Tpms Sensor Installation Steps

- Mar 26, 2018-

The tpms sensor installation procedure is as follows:

1. Use a star screwdriver to remove the fixing screw on the tpms transmitter and separate the sensor from the special gas nozzle. Remove the special gas nozzle nut from the special gas nozzle and wait for the installation. The

2. Remove the tire and separate the tire from the hub and remove the original nozzle on the hub. The

3. Install the special gas nozzle on the hub and tighten the special gas nozzle nut to ensure that the gas nozzle is in close contact with the hub. 4. Install the sensor on the dedicated gas nozzle with the fixing screw. The position of the sensor is basically parallel to the arc surface of the hub, and the sensor is fixed and reliable. The

5. Install the tire on the wheel hub. After the tire is inflated and inflated, screw on the gas nozzle cap to adjust the tire dynamic balance. The

6. Mount the other tire sensors in the same way. The installation process should be careful not to damage the sensor.